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We are a private investment firm that takes a hands on strategic approach with our investee companies.  We invest a great deal of time in developing a deep understanding of our clients' so that we can provide the necessary solutions that best suites their needs.

Our business model is based on the concept of “partnership” with investee companies and projects.  We put a high degree of emphasis on management's experience and capability to execute their plans.​



We focus our efforts in areas where we have prior experience, specific interests, and an ability to contribute measurable value. To accomplish this, we leverage the extensive knowledge of our Investment Team and Executive Advisors, as well as focused and directed research.

Crucially, we bring the expertise of our Portfolio Operations Group to provide strategic guidance on a variety of operational improvements, including revenue growth, procurement, leadership development, lean process and IT optimization.


Our collective team of principals, associates, partners and industry experts is carefully chosen to bring together the necessary skills and private sector experience to create a collaborative, solutions based approach to meet our clients' needs.   We continue to add value utilizing our relationships with our strategic partners, to ensure a well rounded advisory network for the clients we choose to engage and work with.

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