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At Grant-Stevens, our primary objective is to grow and build great companies by providing capital and expertise to help in all phases of development. We work with companies to improve their competitive position by expanding into new products and markets, improve productivity and strengthen their organizations.  By providing critical support and operations, we partner with exceptional management to execute on their desired goals through their next phase of growth.


Our strategy is based on five key elements: high quality people, vertical expertise, value-added support, global integration and aligned incentives.



  • Focused on debt, equity and equity-like investments, but flexible in regards to structuring to fit the circumstances of a specific investment opportunity.

  • Open to various ownership structures, including complete buyouts (the purchase of ~100% of a business), majority investments with significant participation by the vendor and/or management team and significant minority investments (20% or greater) in the right circumstances.

  • Businesses with a demonstrated track record and well established market. For smaller opportunities (<$5M of revenues) we like to see a growth trend or the identification of specific growth opportunities that management believes they can successfully pursue.

  • Open to all sectors, with the exception of direct real estate, resources and commodities.

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