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Our Real Estate division is a team of well qualified individuals that have many years of experience in Development, Investment, Finance and Technical Services. We have a track record of working with high-profile projects, be they Financing, Acquisition, Development or Joint Ventures. 

For those projects we consider on an investment basis, we take on a strict investment approach and invest in markets we know well, focus on adding value, protecting capital and working towards a clearly defined exit. Importantly, we invest our capital alongside our clients’, which generates investor confidence. We undertake extensive due diligence in-house on investments and partners. We also take a hands-on approach in all stages of the real estate cycle to insure our investments generate strong returns and manage risk.  Our investment criteria is as follows:

  • Property must be in large metropolitan area.

  • Property must not have any environmental concerns.

  • Property must be properly zoned.

  • Investor must have adequate capital invested in the project.

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