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Our objective is to insure our clients' wealth is protected while achieving superior returns and keeping investment risks to an agreed level.  We have some of the most experienced and brightest minds in the industry looking after your wealth so that you can focus on your daily activities.  Currently with over a billion under management for some of the wealthiest families in the country, our wealth management team has developed the trust and respect of its clients.  Our family office philosophy revolves around the following key points:

  • Capital preservation.

  • Diversification by asset class, geography and fund manager is the cornerstone of risk-controlled performance over time.

  • Tactical asset allocation based on analysis of economic cycles, valuations and market sentiment can add material value.

  • Open architecture research platform ensures access to the best managers.

  • Preference for independent managers focused on a limited number of strategies and aligned with their clients.


Succession planning and inheritance                                 Trusts and private family foundations

Wealth structuring and planning                                        Asset protection

Consolidation of business and personal assets                Financial advisory services

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